Our in-house investment team is supported by a team of external consultants & advisors who work in partnership with us to help assess the strategic direction of our businesses, identify new opportunities, propose ideas for dynamic management, provide leadership vision or evaluate add-on investments.


A career of developing and managing business in various industries for more than 15 years as CEO, Managing Director & partner and another 10 years before that working as lead in various construction field as Contracts Head, Business Development Head and Head of Country Operations, responsible for managing entire operations of a profit centre for various geographies.

Has experience of leading numerous companies in setting branch offices, creating stand-alone profit units, various marketing, negotiations and contract execution with many of the world’s leading organization in many fields.

A top end management person with through knowledge of running company operations including, Corporate planning, Operational strategy & Financial control.


A versatile & resourceful administrator with 10 plus years of experience in Oil & gas, and Hospitality industry with specific exposure to Talent acquisition, create enterprise wide solution and implement strategic plans to meet organisation vison and goals.

Wide exposure and experience in Administration, HRD & HSE Policy and Managements structuring, workforce management, risk assessment, cultural/multicultural diversity among other activities.


A qualified professional with experience of over 15+ years across Operations & Project Management, Production Planning & Control, Commissioning, Strategic Business Development, Techno-Commercial tendering, Product Presentation, Client Communication, Resource Management and Team Management exposure to Security Access control technology, oil and gas & off-shore construction industry.

Has managerial aptitude and result oriented attitude towards accelerating organizational growth. Excellent team leader with a unique blend of Manpower sourcing, Contract management, Procurement& Sub Contracts skills backed by strong record of facilitating cross-functional coordination for successful delivery of various Business Solutions.


Public Relations professional with experience in IT, Real estate, Marketing and Financial sectors in creating communication strategies and objectives to achieve client’s business goals.

Have an extensive and successful track record of +10 years in various dimensions of global PR, corporate communications, marketing and public relations, working for large and small startups and nonprofits organizations. Also have a specialized expertise in crisis communications, online branding and public policy communications.

IT consulting industry experience of 10+ years in providing complete reliable services matching the best in the industry at reasonable cost, within the stipulated time and to deliver comprehensive solutions to suit the IT needs of our clients.

Currently, I consult with a variety of business on blending brick & mortar with an online presence as well as developing marketing strategies. My experiences in both retail and online help me direct companies to develop a complete ecosystem for their strategic growth and marketing efforts.


A diligent and enthusiastic service specialist with 13+ year’s experience in delivering consistent profit growth for the organization. An accomplished and highly experienced with a proven record of success in the administration and planning the marketing campaigns.

Have proven experience in boosting profit through a broad range of on-page and off-page methods. With extensive industry knowledge in real estate & Oil & gas Industry, is able to engage diverse teams of specialists to deliver projects from across the spectrum from running Search engine optimization and running campaigns. Has the ability to build key relationships and communicate well with the stake holders.