Oil & Gas

Emperos top management has extensive track record in the oil & gas industry. We have been instrumental in achieving some major milestones in the past, some of them are

  • Top management role in execution of multiple marine Geophysical survey at water depth of more than 2000 Mtrs over thousands of Kms of seabed
  • Built up a fleet of modern Geotechnical investigation vessels to conduct world class soil investigation for major offshore projects
  • Built up a fleet of Remotely operated vehicles for underwater construction & support
  • Built up a 300 + member effective team for high complexity underwater construction tasks.


Emperos with our local partners are setting up a special purpose vehicle to develop sports, fitness and Leisure facilities in India as integrated fitness parks.

Our vision is to develop centers offering the gold standard of sports, fitness, training, entertainment and lifestyle services and facilities in various parts of India. Our aim to create multi-sport & fitness parks all over India that is the most perfect venue for training, competition, recreation, and family fun time.

We are committed to providing an optimal environment for everyone to sweat it out and at the same time spend quality time with family and friends. We want people to experience the competitive yet welcoming atmosphere and enjoy fitness and clean fun at same venue.


In 2018 Emperos has started a campaign to acquire or create a string of multiplex in India and Europe, this is to be achieved by aggressive buy out of existing and fully operational cinemas or by building new facilities.

Substantial investment has been generated for this purpose and team building operations have started. A target has been set to establish minimum 50 screens by end of 2020. The target market is eastern Europe and India.